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I want to go to tai'er zhuang

I want to go to tai'er zhuang ,
Because in the spring of 1938 Taierzhuang victory, so Taierzhuang become China city in the history of the war, known as the "land of the Chinese nation won in unyielding." 2008 reconstruction of Taierzhuang city, is the world's largest World War II remains the place, is a living fossil of Chinese cultural history canal, is Chinese vernacular architecture museum, is a single-pulp shake over the ancient city of East Watertown. State Council Taiwan Affairs Office was identified in 2009 as the country's first "cross-strait exchanges base", in 2011 won the "Top Ten Qilu new cultural landmark" list.

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I want to go to ZiBo

I want to go to ZiBo ,because have a zhoucun in here.\
Zhoucun late feudal socio-economic transition in the rise of the handicraft business town, Ming and Qing dynasties developed into an important commercial town in northern China, known as "the world village." Zhoucun ancient business is developed on the basis of a variety of handicrafts, agricultural and sideline on. Silk industry as historic traditional crafts. Rural prevailing mulberry sericulture, the production of silk, damask, Romania, satin, silk and so on in Zhoucun distribution, so as to promote the other handicrafts and commerce flourished. From the Kangxi dynasty through to nearly 150 years of development, it has become quite a bustling town Zhoucun.Z6.jpgZ4.jpg15.jpg12.jpg11.jpg13.jpg14.jpg

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I want to Hong Kong

H2.jpg41.jpgI want to Hong Kong,because Hong kong is very bustling.
Located in southern China, the Pearl River estuary to the east, the South China Sea coast, north of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, west of the Pearl River, adjacent to the remaining sides of the South China Sea.
Hong Kong is one of the world's highly prosperous cosmopolitan city, the whole territory of the three major regions of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and other components. The total land area of 1,104.32 square kilometers jurisdiction, as of the end of 2014, with a total population of about 726.4 million people, the population density in the world and the third world.

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I want to Chengdu

Chengdu is located in Sichuan Basin is located west of the hinterland of the Chengdu Plain, Chengdu and Deyang east, Ziyang adjacent to the West and Ya'an and Aba border, South and Meishan connected. Jinjiang District, Chengdu and other 9 area under the jurisdiction of six counties, hosted four county-level city. At the end of 2014, Chengdu area built area 604.1 square kilometers, the resident population of 1442.8 million.
Chengdu is "the first national historical and cultural city," and "China's best tourist city", carrying three thousand years of history, with Dujiangyan, Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Jinsha Ruins, Shu Ming Tomb, Wangjiang, Qingyang Palace and many other historical sites and cultural landscapes.

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